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Meet The Team

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Donna Wilkinson  - Clarke

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Donna is a Barbadian and loves Caribbean cuisine, sea baths and the Arts.  She believes that life is for living, loving and learning!

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Ibi-Mina Chuna

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Ibi-Mina is a Guyanese has appeared on radio and television. At present she continues to actively pursue her personal development growth to offer world class exceptional service.


Jacqueline English- Jacobs

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Jacqui English-Jacobs a Vincentian, has twenty six years of marketing experience.  One of Jacqui’s dreams is to globally spread her marketing tentacles.             


Lyndonna Marshall

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Lyndonna is from Grenada and believes to succeed one must work hard - If one don't take a chance, one don't stand a chance, since nothing is impossible - the word itself reads, I'm possible.

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Leah Paul

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Leah Paul, a Trinidadian, is a financial planner and has been working in the financial industry for the past 5 years. Leah’s passion and academic background is in business administration, real estate, management, finance and marketing.

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Colvin Blaize

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Colvin, a Trinidadian, has over 20 years experience as an Attorney-At-Law in civil jurisdiction, I.P., Entertainment Law as well as land and property transactions. His company, Spectrum 1 Entertainment, has served clients such as  Dwayne Bravo, Voice, Heather Mc Intosh, Blacks and a host of other popular artiste.

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Lynne George

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Trinidadian Lynne George is proficient in website design and graphic design for the past 18. She is also fluent  in Spanish, French and Portuguese. She is currently the Chief Executive Officer and Owner of the Alaska-based online business, Designz Pal.


Sherwin Pourier

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Sherwin Pourier is a Distinguished Toastmaster, certified coach, teacher and speaker.

He is the founder and owner of CASANS – training and Consultancy in St Lucia. Sherwin has worked for more than 20 years in the banking industry.

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